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The ultimate custom made progressive lens
  1. Design -
  2. Optical Performance -
SEE Max Progressive is a Double Aspheric Custom Made Progressive Lens, with better aesthetic appeal, and minimized aberrations and distortions.
Front Surface
  • 3D Progressive Surface - Working distance taken into account providing the widest intermediate and near vision
  • 3D Optimum Lens Shape Design - Right and left lens thickness and weight balanced for better cosmetic appeal.
Back Surface
  • 3D Aberration Filter - Minimize distortions, maximize control over the whole surface of the lens.
New Nikon 3D Double Sided Design
SeeMax Progressive is individually designed for each wearer based on prescriptions, near vision distance and the lens shape data.
SeeMax Progressive's front side consists of the progressive side taking into account the reading distance to provide a wider near and intermediate vision, while the back side is optimized thanks to a concentrated Aberration Filter. Vision is maximized and aberrations are reduced to offer natural vision.
Conventional Lens SeeMax Progressive
Conventional Lens SeeMax Progressive
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